Kanye West Labels Taylor Swift a “Fake Ass”

He also speaks on the people he's more influential than.

This is definitely going to light some headlines and blogs. Audio has surfaced of an "alleged meltdown" Kanye West had while backstage at Saturday Night Live for his recent performance. While Kanye West appeared to be in very high spirits on-stage and has turned a new leaf on Twitter recently, the following audio leaked by Page Six shows a different side of 'Ye and tells a somewhat different story. We all have our moments and bad days, but Kanye definitely seems pretty pissed off in this backstage SNL audio. Along with being upset about changes to his set design for his performance later that night, Kanye always seems angered by Taylor Swift's "fake ass" and has a classic Yeezy "rant" about the people he feels he's more influential than. Check out the entire clip below.

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