Kanye West Says Young Thug & Future “Need” to Be at Grammys

He also calls A$AP Rocky's "LSD" video the best of the year.

Say what you will about Kanye West's "rants," they always manage to dominate headlines and conversations. After debuting a new song with Sampha at Yo Gotti's event last night, Kanye took to Twitter this morning to announce a new album and send off the following thoughts regarding the Grammys:

Always opinionated, Yeezy definitely seems to be serious about wanting to completely rework the Grammys and its system. Elaborating on today's "message" and responding to the negative attention he's received from the media as of late, Yeezy tweeted:

Kanye concluded, "You won't always agree with me but I'm gon always be me. I'm woke!

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