Woo York’s Music for John Elliott’s Fall/Winter 2016 Show is Doom, Gloom & Dance

Two artforms perfectly clash for John Elliott's latest runway show, with the designer's F/W 2016 soundtrack stunning almost as much as the fashion.

By now, you've probably already scrolled and re-scrolled ran through plenty of galleries of John Elliott's Fall/Winter 2016 presentation. And, like many other followers of the John Elliott cult (we mean this in the best way), you've probably read more than just one barrage of critical praise for the collection. But, while the fashion was obviously the main draw behind the showcase and our subsequent, zealous picture-scrolling, John Elliott and his team definitely outdid themselves when it came to the runway soundtrack. Going beyond background music that simply "fit well" with the show and easily left your memory hours following the collection's debut, Elliott and crew linked up with dance music adventure guides and techno sound-sculptors Woo York for an incredibly-impressive, immaculately-constructed piece of electronic music that feels like an afterhours synthesizer-symphony taking place at a warehouse rave. John Elliott could easily launch his own experimental music label by dropping this entire composition as its inaugural EP. Designer, please step your music game up.

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