Jay Z Not Familiar With Snapchat, Doesn’t Seem to Care Either

Jay Z's got "99 Problems" and Snapchat isn't one of them.

Jay Z's got "99 Problems" but Snapchat apparently isn't one of them. The Brooklyn rap mogul was in attendance at last night's Super Bowl 50 when Usher posted a Snapchat video of him posing with the legendary rapper and his wife, Beyonce. Jay Z goes to ask Usher what he was doing, to which the R&B singer replied, "It's a video on Snapchat." The Roc Nation owner responded, "I don't even know what that means." Interestingly enough, Jay Z appeared on DJ Khaled's Snapchat a few weeks back during a Miami Heat game, but apparently the social media platform wasn't broken down to him during their "mogul talk." Watch below.

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