Hannibal Buress Made an Unreleased Kanye West Diss Song

"Looking back, I'm glad I never put it out."

In a recent interview with Pigeons & Planes, comedian Hannibal Buress revealed that he wrote a Kanye West diss track back in the day. When Kanye infamously interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs, SNL poked fun at it. Kanye didn't take it lightly, firing back with his single "Power," saying: "F*ck SNL and the whole cast/Tell them Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass." Buress took it personally and proceeded to write a diss track with a friend, but was advised by Seth Meyers to not put it out. Read a highlight of the interview below and check out the rest of what he had to say here.

"I worked on a diss track with a friend of mine. It was pretty scathing. I sent it to Seth Meyers and he liked it, but he said I shouldn't put it out because it would seem like it's coming from the whole show. At the time I was a bit disappointed, but looking back, I'm glad I never put it out. It would've definitely popped off but I don't think I would've been able to handle that type of attention at that point of my career."

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