Future Has “3 Albums+ of RnB Bangers” Ready to Drop

Future's streak may continue for many months to come.

Future might be the only mainstream artist capable of matching Gucci Mane's output and workflow. Though there's been some discussion in recent weeks regarding the possibility of Future over-saturating his market and spreading himself a bit thin, he already has plenty of music left for the entire year. "Future told me he sittin in 3 albums+ of RnB bangers," Hot 97's Ebro tweeted yesterday. Considering Future's current hot streak, if he were to drop multiple projects before year's end and continued to boost his relevance and popularity, the Atlanta rapper will certainly solidify his position in hip-hop history. Since he's put out several projects worth of hard-hitting-yet-melodic street records since 2014, a series of more R&B-leaning efforts might further rejuvenate his career and ensure his sound stays fresh.

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