Fetty Wap and Zoo Gang Release ‘Zoo 16: The Mixtape’

Fetty Wap and Zoo Gang release their Zoo 16: The Mixtape.

Fetty Wap has teamed up with Zoo Gang to release this new project entitled Zoo 16: The Mixtape. The 17-track offering, hosted by DJ Big L 4 Eva, features notable appearances from frequent collaborators PNB Rock and Monty among others.
The mixtape also features a new “Zoomix,” the third single off the Fetty Wap's self titled, debut project, which was later remixed by Drake. Stream/download the mixtape below.

1. Blicky - ZOO16 Freestyle
2. Fetty Wap Feat House Party M80 DJ Big L 4Eva - Death Before Dishonor
3. Fetty Wap Feat Monty- My Way Zoomix
4. Monty Feat Tapia Gumitch - Hit Something
5. Fetty Wap Feat PNB Rock Monty - Zones
6. Fetty Wap Feat Monty - Whatever Zoomix
7. Oskama Feat Monty - Love Song
8. Guwiii Kidz - Ride
9. Khaos - Dreaming
10. Fetty Wap - Again Zoomix
11. Monty Feat PNB Rock - Deep End
12. Remy Boyz - One I Want
13. Fetty Wap - Couple Bands Zoomix
14. Tapia Feat Fetty Wap - Fuss Or Fight Zoomix
15. House Party Feat Oskama M80 Junebomb - Poppin Pstols
16. Khaos - On Me
17. Fetty Wap - Im Straight Zoomix

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