New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Renames Bronx Street to Honor the Birthplace of Hip-Hop

You'd never thought that hip-hop would take it this far.

The birthplace of hip-hop now has a “Hip Hop Boulevard.” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a bill into law this past Thursday (February 25) that renamed dozens of streets in all five boroughs, including Sedgewick Avenue in the Bronx where hip-hop was born. With the stroke of a pen, de Blasio put one in the history books, renaming the block “Hip Hop Boulevard” in honor of the August 11, 1973 party where DJ Kool Herc invented hip-hop at 1520 Sedgewick Avenue. DJ Kool Herc, DJ Kool Herc, his sister Carol “First Lady of Hip Hop” Campbell and DJ Afrika Bambaataa were all in attendance, and the mayor made sure to leave the momentous occasion on high note:

“If you have friends on the west coast, remember to tell them it all started here, okay?”

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