Don’t Sleep on Bones’ New Album ‘Useless’

The TeamSESH movement is taking over.

It looks like 2016 is going to be another successful, prolific year for the A$AP Rocky-cosigned TeamSESH collective. With its members releasing more and more music and fine-tuning and perfecting their sound with every new release, Bones drops off his first major release of 2016. Entitled Useless, Bones' latest is a full-length effort that features nine new songs from the ever-evolving artist. There's production from Eric Dingus, Curtis Heron, Vegard Veslelia, Greaf, Fleece, Dylan Brady, Stereoryze and The Virus And The Antitode. The project is barely a few days old, but already has hundreds of thousands of listens to its name. The TeamSESH movement is alive and thriving -- let's see how long it takes for a song off the project to eclipse a million spins. You can stream Useless below. Download it here.

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