The Bon Iver Comeback is Coming

Could a new Bon Iver album drop this year?

Here's some great news for fans of acclaimed indie act Bon Iver. As Pitchfork notes, Bon Iver architect Justin Vernon announced a sort of "hiatus"/"extended break" for the project back in 2012 and announced last year that there weren't any plans for a new Bon Iver project. Now, all of that has appeared to changed; Bon Iver is no longer in the process of "winding down." Speaking to Billboard for an exclusive new interview, Vernon tells the outlet, "I'm no longer winding down... I've definitely been working on new music." Recently, several new Bon Iver shows were announced and Justin Vernon has been making a lot more appearances in headlines. Let's hope a Bon Iver resurgence is on the horizon.

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