Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and James Blake to Perform Live Together

As Fall Creek Boys Choir for the first time in five years.

As previously reported, Justin Vernon and the National’s Aaron Dessner are bringing back Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival to Wisconsin in August. If you've purchased your early bird ticket yet, you should have received a cassette tape teasing the festival’s line-up this year through a tracklist that organizers confirmed. One highlight is a new Fall Creek Boys Choir song titled “Untitled 2,” which was featured in the tracklisting, which indicated the upcoming lineup. In case you don't remember, Fall Creek Boys Choir are none other than James Blake and the Bon Iver frontman. This would mark their first joint performance in five years. While the official website states the 2016 line-up has not been officially announced, you can check out a pic of the tracklist below.

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