Artist Suing Martin Shkreli and RZA For Unauthorized Use of Art on $2 Million Dollar Wu-Tang Clan Album

A New York artist has proof that his work was being used without his consent.

New York artist Jason Koza's fan artwork somehow ended up within the pages of Wu-Tang's $2 million dollar album, and now he's suing Martin Shkreli and RZA. Koza says he submitted nine hand drawn portraits of Wu-Tang members to be posted on a blog called Wu Disciples, but soon found found out something was fishy when after watching the recent VICE profile of Shkreli that unveiled that his artwork was being used in the 174-page book that accompanied the album. Koza is seeking unspecified damages from RZA, Shkreli,, producer Cilvaringz, and auction house Paddle8 who ultimately sold Shkreli the historical album. Check out the photos below and compare for yourself.

Koza's work:

Happy Birthday @raekwon #raekwon #wutang #sketch

A photo posted by Jason Koza (@kozagoatworks) on

Artwork found in the album:

We wonder what Ghostface has to say about all this.

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