Travi$ Scott: Kanye West Is “Going All In” for ‘SWISH’

Kanye West isn't eating or sleeping, he's just focused on making the best possible album.

Travi$ Scott is always animated and excited when it comes to music from his crew's head Kanye West, but as Kanye's highly-anticipated new album SWISH approaches, he's revealing even more regarding Yeezy's next project. "I feel like it's going to be a very good f*cking album," he tells Billboard when speaking on SWISH. "The motherf*cker is going in on this album, man. That n*gga ain't sleeping, that n*gga ain't eating... he's just focusing on his album, he really wants his album to be the illest," the Rodeo rapper adds.

Besides Kanye West and SWISH, Travi$ Scott also gives his opinions on Kendrick Lamar and his Grammy nominations, his own dream collaborations, Justin Bieber and more. You can check out the full exchange with Billboard above.

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