The-Dream Shares New Album via “Visual Art Project” ‘Genesis’

The-Dream begins 2016 with one of his most ambitious releases yet.

The-Dream has just unveiled a brand new album through an ambitious audio-visual piece entitled Genesis. Shared exclusively through TIDAL, the effort is billed as a "visual art project," with Dream disregarding the conventional labels we're accustomed to seeing with new releases. "I can never fully explain what I see and what I hear separately...It must be fused into one," The-Dream expressed in a press release. Further breaking down Genesis, The-Dream explained, "music IS art to me...those who try to forever separate the two is someone who wants music or art to stand still and not evolve." Sounds like he put a lot of thought behind this. You can check out a trailer for Genesis above and TIDAL subscribers can experience the project on TIDAL. You can also check out The-Dream's Instagram preview of the release below.

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