Sam Smith Hasn’t Listened to Radiohead’s ‘Spectre’ Theme

He appears to throw some shade too.

Has Sam Smith listened to Radiohead's #Spectre theme song...

Has SAM SMITH listened to Radiohead's "Spectre" theme song? #GoldenGlobes

Posted by Variety on Monday, January 11, 2016

Last Christmas, Radiohead released "Spectre," which was written as an alternative theme for the latest James Bond film. Apparently, it seems like Sam Smith isn't a big fan of the song. At a Golden Globes press conference, Smith was asked about the track and he appears to return with some shade. He asked: "Thom Yorke?" before being filled in by collaborator Jimmy Napes. He follows with: "Yeah, I was a little bit surprised. Not going to lie, a little bit surprised, but I haven't listened to it personally because I did the Spectre theme song." Watch the video above.

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