RZA Thinks Martin Shkreli Can Do Whatever He Wants with the Wu-Tang Clan Album

Watch the Bloomberg interview here.

Bloomberg has recently invited RZA for an interview to talk about Martin Shkreli and all the recently happening surrounding the pharmaceutical CEO such as his purchase of Wu-Tang Clan's $2 million Once Upon a Time in Shaolin and his arrest for charges on securities fraud. RZA was told about Shkreli's remarks on the producer being arrogant and that the CEO hasn't listened to the coveted record yet. Bobby Digital responds by saying that because he bought it, Martin can do what he wants with the LP. "Art—the beautiful thing about art, from my standpoint, is that it has no discrimination," RZA shares. "If Mr. Shkreli feels philanthropic, he has the power to do something really cool. He could do something that would allow more people to hear the record." Watch the interview above.

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