Pharrell Responds to Lawsuit Over Beats 1 Show

Pharrell is getting into some more legal hot water.

Pharrell just can't catch a break sometimes when it comes to lawsuit. The veteran superstar's former business partners Uncommon Content Partners are not happy about his recent show for Apple's Beats 1 radio, OTHERtone. Uncommon Content Partners are suing Pharrell, alleging that he broke their contract for his past YouTube show ARTST TLK by not filming a second season for the program. Pharrell says that he was "too busy" with filming The Voice at the time of filming for the second season of ARTST TLK, but UCP aren't buying it. By serving as the host and representative of another, completely unrelated show -- Beats 1's OTHERtone -- Pharrell allegedly just added a lot more fuel to the fire that is UCT's grievances. In response, Pharrell is saying that there was provision in his contract with UCT that allowed him to bow out of filming if a scheduled wasn't agreed upon, which he says it wasn't. While UCT want to put an immediate end to OTHERtone, Pharrell is looking to see the whole thing dismissed. We'll see where this develops in the coming months.

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