OG Ron C Transforms D.R.A.M.’s ‘GahDahm!’ EP Into ‘ChopDahm!’

Another Chopped-Not-Slopped makeover.

As always, OG Ron C and his Chopstars crew have been putting in work serving up codeine-coated Texas twist on high-profile, relevant releases. Following a highly-publicized rework of A$AP Rocky's most recent album, OG Ron C and company set their sights on the debut project of one of Virginia's fastest-rising, most unique talents. For their latest entry, OG Ron C's team throw a curveball with a "Chopped-Not-Slopped" makeover of D.R.A.M.'s GahDamn! EP. Over the course of ten reworked tracks, GahDamn! transforms into ChopDahm! While the original was more than just "good enough," this version is suited more for those who like to drive slow and fill up double-cups. You can stream OG Ron C's "Chopped-Not-Slopped" take on GahDamn! below.

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