Is Nike Trolling Kanye West With a Yeezy Look-Alike Shoe?

Resembles Kanye's "Air Yeezy 2" and it's called the "Nike Entertainer".

Is Nike trying to water down Kanye West's aesthetic within sneaker culture? While there's no official word on a possible re-release of Kanye's signature "Air Yeezy 2" through Nike, the brand has went ahead and cooked up a shoe that borrows a lot of the design elements of the actual "Air Yeezy 2": The Red October colorway, the ribbed heel, the ballistic fabric and even a swoosh on the medial side. Then there's the shoe name itself, the Nike "Air Entertainer". Lebron James recently shared some diplomatic views on Kanye's record but is Nike flat out being salty? The shoe is available now through at select retailers like Oneness. Let us know what you think below.

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