Meek Mill: “I Submit To Your Memes”

This Meek Mill and 50 Cent beef is getting to be too much.

While he isn't exactly "conceding" or coming anywhere near admitting "defeat," Meek Mill is finally acknowledging 50 Cent's inimitable meme skills. "Just stop 50 cent u like 40 something doing memes and sh*t.... I submit to your memes lol," reads a caption on one of Meek Mill's posts from today. The post was in reference to a stream of tweets from Michael Blackson praising 50 Cent's ability to make a meme out of anyone and anything at any time. Considering 50 Cent has yet to fire off a diss record, it's hard to take this "beef" too seriously right now, but even Meek Mill realizes 50 Cent is all about the social media front.

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