Martin Shkreli Says Ghostface Killah is “Nothing” Without Him

"You're my son. You have to listen to me. I butter your bread"

The Ghostface Killah-Martin Shkreli-Wu-Tang-Clan saga is now getting to the point where "goons" are being called up for videoshoots. Following Ghostface Killah's labeling of Martin Shkreli as the "Michael Jackson Nose Kid," everyone's least-favorite pharm-exec is back with a new "diss video" of sorts. Directed exclusively towards Ghostface, the clip features Martin Shkreli and a few masked "goons." Most notably, the video features this statement:

"If you ever say some dumb sh*t, I'm gonna erase all you're sh*t from this album...I'm gonna erase you from the record books of rap. You're my son. You have to listen to me. I butter your bread. Without me, you're nothing."

Shkreli might want to choose his next words wisely, though. Maybe he doesn't remember what happened to Mase when he came at Ghostface the wrong way?

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