Kilo Kish Introduces Debut Album With “Poem A”

Finally, Kilo Kish's debut full-length is almost here.

After years of waiting, we're finally going to get a fully-formed, proper introduction to Kilo Kish. The Brooklyn-bred songstress has revealed "Poem A," a record off her debut studio album Reflections In Real Time. It's brief, but it should give you a pretty good feel of the sound Kish is going for. Reflections In Real Time will see release on February 29, and this new cut should aid in stirring up support and anticipation for the LP. She's released EPs and mixtapes, but let's see what she has up her sleeves for her first official "album." From the sound of "Poem A," we're in for a breath of fresh air. You can stream "Poem A" below.

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