Denzel Curry Sends Shots at Spaceghostpurrp & Honors A$AP Yams on “(RIP YAMS) SPACEGHOSTPUSSY”

Raider Klan is dead, but Denzel Curry is still rising and getting better.

With Raider Klan in ruins, Denzel Curry is sending some shots in Spaceghostpurrp's direction. For his latest, Curry connects with Lofty 305 and others to diss Purrp, while Ronny J supplies the production. On the flipside, the song also serves as Curry's way of paying tribute to A$AP Yams, giving the effort a slightly more positive spin. While Denzel Curry started out as one of Raider Klan's lesser-known affiliates, he has quickly grown above and beyond the group as both an artist and an individual, so it makes sense that he would rise above the group as their association falls apart. You can check out Denzel Curry's latest below.

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