Apple Debuts New iPhone App for Musicians

Better quality than Voice Memos and easier to use than GarageBand.

For iPhone and GarageBand users, recording music on the go has just gotten a whole lot more convenient. Apple debuts a new iOS app called Music Memos which attempts to bridge the gap between voice memos and DAW (digital audio workstation) recording. Recording ideas on traditional voice memos can be a hassle because it takes a lot of time and editing to convert the idea to your DAW, and it's also inconvenient to open up a DAW to record down ideas on the go. Apple is aware of this and with this app, you can now record high-quality, uncompressed audio from the built-in mic or an external one and catalog your memos with a tagging and library function as well as analyze the recording's rhythm, notations, and chords so you can quantize and layer with ease. Head over here for more information on Music Memos and the GarageBand update.

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