Watch the First Episode of J. Cole’s ‘Road to Homecoming’ Documentary

HBO unveils the first part of a four-part docu-series centered on J. Cole.

As we announced at the very beginning of this month, HBO and J. Cole were teaming up to release a TV special based on the rapper and his 2014 Forest Hills Drive homecoming show. Directly following that announcement, HBO also shared a preview of what's to come from the effort. Now, HBO and J. Cole have connected to drop a four-part docu-series based on what happened before the final product of Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming. First up is the series' inaugural episode, F*ck Money, Spread Love. As J. Cole explains in a newly-released open letter, all four parts of this new series will serve as the prelude to his forthcoming HBO special, which is set to air on January 9. You can watch the program's first episode above, and read a leter from J. Cole breaking down the experience below.


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