Taylor Swift Was Scared After She Sent the Open Letter to Apple Music

Watch the pop star expresses her true feelings to Zane Lowe.

Before she performs at her sold-out concert in Sydney, Australia, Taylor Swift took some time to sit down with Beats 1 Radio's Zane Lowe for an interview. She kicked off the conversation with a discussion about her relationship with Apple, which was triggered from her infamous open letter -- she called them out for not paying artists during Apple Music's trial period. At first, she reveals that she was fearful of her letter tarnishing their relationship.

"When I posted it, I sent the link to my label president with just 'sorry.' And then I was struck with this overwhelming sense of fear... Am I going to wake up tomorrow and all my music is off iTunes? They had shown such humility in what they did that not only me, but I think a lot of other artists gained a reverence and a respect for the fact that they actually listened to our community."

Watch the entire interview above.

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