Talib Kweli Was Attacked by Racists

At one of his favorite places in the world.

During this past weekend, Talib Kweli was in Copenhagen to play a show. While he took some time to visit the district of Christiania -- which he describes as being one of his "favorite places in the world" -- he was "attacked by two bigots" for the "color of [his] skin." He further described that it was not an "Internet attack" but one that was "physical." Fortunately, he is doing okay and remains thankful for his supportive Copenhagen fans. Read the full post below.

Me and @nikohigh walking into Christiania Copenhagen last night. One of my favorite places in the world until last night. I've been hearing about Danish racism on the rise. I witnessed it firsthand. I was attacked by two bigots last night saying they "hate me" and they didn't even know who I was, they just didn't like the color of my skin. It wasn't an Internet attack, it was physical. I was hit and kicked. Thank you to @nikohigh for helping me get out of there. It goes to show you that racism and hate doesn't stop for ppl with money or "celebrity" whatever that means. They stop nothing tho. The show still went on, Copenhagen was a great crowd. Even tho I will never see Christiania the same, a place I once wrote about for a travel blog as utopian, I will always love my fans in Denmark. Your love last night, especially while I was away from family during holiday, only made me stronger.

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