Lil B Reveals His Favorite Facebook Emoji

Keke the adopted tabby might have had an influence.

Lil B was recently invited for an interview and a photoshoot with Oakland, East Bay Area, and Berkeley newspaper East Bay Express. The 26-year-old rapper opened up about a variety of topics, from more the fire that destroyed his duplex last January, to his desire to be more accessible in 2016; from the deaths of The Jacka and his friend to the true differentiation between Lil B and The Based God. Although the interviewer seemed perplexed and confused over Lil B's character, she was appreciative of his "immediate warmth and openness," comparing him as someone like her "closest friends." They even connected over their favorite Facebook emoji, Pusheen the cat. Read an excerpt below and check out the full article here.

Indeed, when Lil B came to the Express' office in Oakland for a photo shoot, I was surprised by his immediate warmth and opennessAfter he put on a playlist of his favorite Antony and the Johnsons songs, our conversation turned to personal topics at times as the band's melancholic piano ballads played in the background. We even chatted about what music we like to cry to, our favorite Facebook emojis (we both love the chubby, cartoon cat Pusheen), weird body insecurities, and other secrets I would only ever disclose to my closest friends. It was then that I realized that there's not really a code you have to crack to get Lil B: You pretty much just have to be open to his kindness.

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