J. Cole Signs Two New Artists To Dreamville

Expanding the roster.

Earlier this week, J. Cole took fans by surprise with the release of his new compilation tape, highlighted with artists on his own label, Dreamville Records. Revenge of the Dreamers II is a nine song EP with songs from notable names such as Bas, Omen, Cozz and even Cole himself. There were also some new names which many devotees were confused about which led to Ibrahim Hamad, the president of Dreamville, to announce on Twitter that the label had signed two new acts, Lute and Ari Lennox:

Not much information is known about each artists but what we do know is Ari Lenox has been featured previously on a track with Omen on his Elephant Eyes EP, while Lute's a rapper who's been on the underground circuit since 2012, and also based in Cole's hometown of North Carolina.

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