Fan Sues Kendrick Lamar For $1 Million

Fan banned from show after requesting one-on-one time.

While 11 GRAMMY nominations sure sweeten up your day, a $1-million dollar lawsuit might just kill your vibe. Case in point, Whitney Larkins, fan of Kendrick Lamar, is suing her idol for exactly the aforementioned sum after being banned from attending a concert. As TMZ points out, Larkins purchased a $350 VIP meet-and-greet ticket and emailed K. Dot's manager Dave Free asking for “one-on-one time” with the artist. Allegedly, Free replied she could get three minutes for a "cash payment of $10,000." After emailing Free for more information, she received a notice that she was banned from the show and would have her $350 refunded.

While Larkins assures that she is not mad at Kendrick, calling him "one of the greatest rappers alive of all time who is on par with Tupac," she has less friendly words for Free, whom she considers “arrogant, snotty and an all-around bad dude from the rooter to the tooter,” who crushed her dreams and left her with "deep sadness." Now, she asks for more than $1 million.

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