Deadmau5 Explains What He Dislikes About Justin Bieber & Skrillex

Watch his rant here.

For the past year, Deadmau5 has been quite notorious for his opinions on Justin Bieber and ex-signee Skrillex, having taken to Twitter to constantly voice his opinions and/or argue with the said artists. Recently, the Toronto producer explained via recorded video why exactly he feels a type of way towards them. The DJ-producer reveals that he does not hate them nor the work they do, but he does not understand why they've allowed themselves to be "a tool for someone else" and why they've put themselves in a position to be "a part of someone's bullsh*t." Ultimately, he elaborates that what they're doing reflects that they have a lack of integrity. He makes sure to emphasize that this is just his opinion and that he is entitled to it as everyone else is to theirs. Watch it below and let us know if you agree with his points.

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