Dam-Funk Shares Some Old Recordings From His Beginnings

"Filled with recordings from my days in Pasadena."

It's definitely interesting to see how one of the West Coast's most talented, unique artists first started to fine-tune and experiment with the sound that would become their style and signature. With the holiday almost over, Dam-Funk has one last gift to give before the new year. After digging through a box of old cassettes of his, the funk-sentinel unearthed this five-minute gem. Dubbed "Breakin' U Off Somethin' Proper," the cut is billed as a "1992 Cassette Tape Recording" and comes with this backstory from its creator:

Found today, via goin' thru a box of old cassette tapes, filled with recordings from my days in Pasadena, doin' so much.. in my home studio. Ha! These were fun times, just workin' my sound out. All G.

Check out Dam-Funk's latest below.

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