Adele’s New Album Shatters Another Sales Record

Adele's new album just sold another million copies in it's second week.

Sales figures are in for the second week for Adele’s 25 album and it's looking good to say the least. Nielsen Music is reporting that the singer's third album has sold 1.11 million albums sales in it's second week. He first week netted 5.8 million which makes it the first album to ever sell a million plus records in two different weeks since Nielsen began tracking sales in 1991. As it stands, 25 is already the top selling album of 2015 (record was broe in less than week after being on sale), and is now the best selling album since 2011 (and that was her 21 album in 2011 that sold 5.8 million).

Congratulations to Adele on an incredible accomplishment.

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