#XOYOLoves Phonica

The London institution presents Dopplerefekkt with Moritz Von Oswald and Evan Tuell tonight in Shoreditch.,

A London institution who’ve clocked up over 10 years of service, Phonica Records have played a huge part in the evolution the capital’s sound. Their forward-thinking approach to electronic music has earned them an unrivalled reputation as the go-to haunt for the latest dance floor cuts.

They host the Thursday night of XOYO Loves, a techno-leaning roster featuring Detroit duo Dopplereffekt (playing live), Basic Channel boss and dub techno-founder Moritz Von Oswald and Workshop’s Even Tuell.

Ahead of the party, team Phonica select their essential tracks from the billing’s back-catalogue (aliases and all). An education of sorts, here’s their back-of-the-packet guide to the tracks that have defined this trio of artists…

Maurizo – M5 A
Simple, effective techno filtered down to it purest form… 
Simon Rigg

Dopplereffekt – Speak and Spell
I could have picked any track from their seminal 1996 "Infophysix" EP, but this one always sticks out for me. 
Kenny White

Dopplerefekkt - Dyson Sphere
There's way too much to choose from when it comes to Gerald Donald but I'll go for this lesser known gem. It sits nicely between the classic uptempo electro/techno 12"s and the far more melancholic and experimental Dopplereffekt albums.
Alex Egan

Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald - Mars Garden
One of the best album of 2013, such a beautiful track! 
Jeanne Roboh

Even Tuell - Untitled (Workshop 04)
Early classic from Workshop lynchpin, mid-paced shuffling r&b drums ride beneath the deepest techno synth washes, offset by a minimal Berlin style bassline. 
Nick Williams

Rhythm & Sound - Mango Drive
One of my all time favourite dub's from Maurizio & Mark Ernestus. Perfect for an after party or a lazy morning.
Michael Fitzpatrick

3MB feat. Magic Juan Atkins - Die Kosmischen Kuriere
MVO teaming up with Juan Atkins to create one of my all-time favourite Detroit techno tracks! 
Kenny White

Maurizo - M-4.5
Dim-dum-dum dom-dum-dum & repeat... 
Vangelis Bellonias

Even Tuell - untitled - workshop 11 
Wonderfully composed piece on his own Workshop imprint, great for driving at night… 
Kenny White

Rhythm and Sound feat. Paul St. Hilaire - Music A Fe Rule (Part 1)
Moritz is another producer who has such a large body of work it's very difficult to pick one track, but this is an all time favourite of mine. Deep, loopy dub-techno at its best.
Alex Egan

Even Tuell - Mental Marathon
The Hula Vortex EP is on Musik Krause a versatile piece of wax but Mental Marathon
on the A side always stood out to me!
Michael Fitzpatrick

Even Tuell and Midnight Opera - Untitled B2
A simple atmospheric melody that could just keep going and going. One of the finest 12"s put out by Workshop that quite understandibly fetches rather high prices these days.
Alex Egan

Phonica presents Dopplerefekkt (live), Moritz Von Oswald and Evan Tuell on Thursday, November 19 for #XOYOLoves.

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