Tyler, the Creator: “50 Cent was Stuck, Trying to Make the Same Album Three Times and Now Look”

"We get stuck in nostalgia."

It's probably safe to say Tyler, the Creator hasn't really been bumping 50 Cent's music from recent years. In the past, Tyler has expressed a disconnect with some of the older, purist-friendly hip-hop sounds and styles. In a newly-released interview with Rolling Stone, he takes that mindset one step further. Speaking to Ernest Baker for a piece entitled "Two Insane Days on Tour with Tyler, the Creator," the young polymath had this to say regarding criticism of his recent album Cherry Bomb:

"We get stuck in nostalgia. I wish Pharrell could make In My Mind a million times, but it makes me appreciate him so much that he's not stuck. 50 Cent was stuck, trying to make the same album three times and now look. When I was f*cking finished with Cherry Bomb, I was like, 'Yo, n*ggas are gonna lose their shit when they hear these chord changes, and fucking hear these horns that I put here, and hear these bells and all this.' And then it took me a while to realize that no one gives a fuck about that shit, man. N*ggas want hooks."

Besides that particular quote, the whole exchange between Ernest Baker and Tyler is loaded with eye-catching, interesting quotes. Read through the full piece here, and run through some select excerpts from the feature below.

On his future:

"I feel like I'm about to level up in life like a motherfucker...I don't know how to explain it, but I just feel like I'm gonna be in a different place soon than where I'm at now, which is different from where I was at last year, which is different from the year before."

On the recent backlash against him:

"Everyone's so sensitive...Why the f*cking parents ain't f*cking raising their kids to not take sh*t seriously, to be smart enough to know what's right and wrong?' Or instead of banning me from a country, why don't you just make sure the f*cking kids don't go to the show, you dumbass? Is that hard?"

On inspiring his followers:

"I want kids to look at me as inspiration the way I looked at n*ggas...Like, Eminem's third verse on 'Sing For The Moment' and Pharrell's whole 'You Can Do It Too' song. Dude, if it wasn't for those songs talking to me, I feel like I wouldn't have none of this sh*t. I was the kid that was dumb enough to actually believe it."

Pharrell's thoughts on Tyler:

"Tyler is everything we wanted this generation to be...We wanted kids to be intrigued, and we wanted kids to be independent thinkers, and we wanted them to be pluralists, and he's all of the above. He's a shining example of believing in yourself and being loyal to creativity and all that it can give you."

Tyler's opinion of his critics:

"Critics don't f*cking matter...Give me any of those writers and I'll give them f*cking $500,000 and tell them to make an album and see what the f*ck they come up with. They wish they had the f*cking talent I have or the vision I have. 'Get off my f*cking d*ck, bro.'"

His thoughts on Odd Future:

"N*ggas grow...I just want everyone to shine. And I hope everyone takes the opportunities that they have thrown at them and get out of their head. Sometimes I think people are in their head too much and never take a step back and just look."

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