TIDAL to Expand Content, New Comedy and Drama Series Coming Soon

Change the game.

It looks like music subscription service TIDAL will be expanding into content original scripted and unscripted programming. The company has apparently signed on two new series: Brooklyn street-life drama “Money & Violence” season 2, with new episodes slated to premiere in January; and “No Small Talk,” a series profiling up-and-coming comedians, which is scheduled to premiere on November 3. As of now, the only video content TIDAL offers is short films, live streams and music videos. Tim Riley, Tidal’s senior VP went on to say“If someone is paying for Tidal, we want that to be the best experience they can have.”

If things all go as planned, chances are other music subscription providers will be following suit. Looking at it from a bigger picture, what could this mean for consumers? Leave thoughts below.

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