This Guy Made a Synthesizer using His Own Stem Cells

This is what happens when you take "analog music" too far.

Australian artist Guy Ben-Ary created the “the world’s first neural synthesizer" as a "biological self-portrait" by taking a biopsy from his arm and using advanced technological tools to transform the skin cells into neural stem cells. FACT Magazine explains how this works:

Music is “fed into the neurons as electrical stimulations and the neurons respond by controlling the synthesiser, creating an improvised post-human sound piece.”

The contraption, known as cellF, has no programming involved and is ran using only biological matter and analog circuits. Check out a few diagrams below and read about the synth at the creator's website. And just to be clear -- this project does not have anything to do with the photo above, which is an art piece by Steve Steigman created in 1979.

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