Toronto Rapper Teddy Fantum Releases “Therapy”

The Toronto rapper broaches dark subjects on his new track.

Toronto rapper Teddy Fantum has just released his latest single "Therapy," and it's a wild ride into the mind of a reckless, mentally and emotionally unstable narrator against a haunting, piano-sample-based beat. The track was produced by Fantum in collaboration with St.Fall and dropxlife, and features additional vocals by William Darc. Fantum, who used to release music and tour under the name TFHOUSE, is a member of local collective DSTRY as well as a long time friend of The Weeknd and his XO crew. "Therapy" is his first release in almost eight months, and broaches darker subjects than his past work. Says Fantum of the release:

"The song and particularly the hook is in no way an effort to glorify the madness...  it's more of a low-key cry for help if you really listen. I'm also pretty much bipolar in the verses... and that's probably a bit of a reflection of how I am inside."

Fantum also shares that a short film and music video by Kid. Studio, the creatives behind The Weeknd's "King Of The Fall" video, are on the way. Stay tuned to his SoundCloud for future releases.

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