Future Overthrows Hip-Hop Legends in Samurai-Themed Comic Series

The Freebandz warrior strikes KRS-One down with ease, but can he take on Birdman?

We're well aware of Marvel's fascination with hip-hop, but even the renowned comic book company has not been able to produce something quite as epic as this yet. Artists Qué and Meaghan Harvey started a webcomic series in September titled Chosen One: Activis Status which features Future as a samurai on a quest to "take back his clan's legacy." Assisted by his partner in crime, DJ Esco, the two fight off a bunch of iconic rappers such as KRS-One, Busta Rhymes, Chuck D, 50 Cent and more. As of now, his most powerful enemy is Birdman and his Hot Boy$ clique. Check out an issue of Activis Status below and read the full series here.

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