Kanye West & JAY Z’s List of Demands Are More Complicated Than Yours

Organic milk, expensive candles, high-end vases and more.

Some of Kanye West and JAY Z's tour demands have surfaced. From peculiar, luxury vases to high-end candles and organic food, there's a lot of interesting requests on their riders. Per HYPEBEAST:

When you’re a celebrity, you tend to like things in a specific manner — one can imagine things like specific candy and treats galore, ice cream at a specific temperature or new bedsheets each time you sleep. Nonetheless, it’s rumored that Kanye West and Jay Z may just be one of the most difficult celebs to accommodate while on the road. From Yeezy requesting a discontinued Genelecs 1031a speaker and cylindrical vases only, to Jay refusing to have vacuuming near his room and three Mayan tuberose-scented candles costing $80 USD each, you may be surprised as to what else is on the pair’s riders.

You can run through the full list of demands here.

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