DJ Snake & Dillon Francis Ask Zedd for Selena Gomez’s Number

Good guy Zedd stands his ground.

Zedd's brief relationship with Selena Gomez had caused a lot of buzz while it happened and to this day, he's still catching a bit of flak for it. Diplo had once called the relationship inauthentic and recently, DJ Snake took to Twitter and asked the German producer to give him Selena's digits. Zedd responded with a Kanye West meme that said: “That was so funny man.” Dillon Francis then joined in, saying, "Yeah I agree with DJ Snake. You cute Selena Gomez. Hit Zedd up for our numbers, we'll go pop bottles in some mansion in Wisconson." Zedd did not seem to be too provoked, and instead replied with: “It costs $0.00 to be a decent person.” Check out the exchange below.

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