Ariel Pink Releases “Hall of Screams,” Reveals Collaboration With Dev Hynes

It's been almost exactly a year since Ariel Pink's last album dropped.

This past May, Ariel Pink shared a video for a new song entitled "I Need a Minute." "I Need a Minute" was initially released as a single in support of the soundtrack for the film Heaven Knows What, which hit theaters soon after the late-spring arrival of Pink's song. Today, Ariel Pink is circling back to that effort for the release of that single's digital b-side, "Hall of Screams." "I Need a Minute" and "Hall of Screams" will make up the I Need a Minute single from Ariel Pink, who is releasing the record on 7" vinyl and through digital formats. The vinyl edition will feature a new collaborative cut from Ariel Pink and Dev Hynes as its b-side, "Heaven Can't Wait." You can give "Hall of Screams" a listen here. The I Need a Minute single will officially drop on November 27.

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