Vince Staples Thinks the ’90s Were Overrated

"The '90s get a lot of credit—I don't really know why."

If you've been following music and fashion for the last few years, you'd be aware of the whole '90s craze. Nineties babies, '90s this, '90s that -- it was cool in the beginning because at the time the decade had never been glorified or made fashionable yet. Today the whole theme seems played out, especially when younger individuals who might not even remember the '90s are the main ones repping the era. Vince Staples -- who is born in 1993 -- keeps it 100% real with TIME magazine and tells them that he feels the decade is overrated. "The '90s get a lot of credit—I don't really know why," he shares. "Whatever you were watching or listening to when you were young is always going to be your favorite thing because it made you what you are today. That’s always going to be something that you appreciate the most, so that’s everyone’s favorite era.” Watch the interview above and let us know if you agree with him.

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