Pandora Has Purchased Ticketfly

Power plays.

Pandora has made some major moves. The New York Times is reporting that the online radio giant has just purchased Ticketfly for $450 million in a combination of money and stock. In a press release, Ticktfly co-founder Andrew Dreskin had this to say about the acquisition:

"Ticketfly and Pandora are a perfect fit: two companies that are extraordinarily passionate about music and improving the experience for the entire ecosystem...The combination of Ticketfly and Pandora will be a marketing and event discovery powerhouse, giving venues and promoters unprecedented access to a massive and targeted audience of nearly 80 million music fans.”

Pandora CEO Brian McAndrews also called the move a "game-changer for music," adding that the partnership "will thrill music lovers and lift ticket sales for artists as the most effective marketplace for connecting music makers and fans."

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