Mac Miller Has a Great Bill Murray Reference on “Jump”

It's about golf and ridiculously expensive wine.

It appears that meeting Bill Murray in person always seems to always turn into a memorable event. Mac Miller marks no exception and recounts his encounter with the famed actor in a conversation with Genius. Discussing his GO:OD AM track "Jump," Mac shares that the story behind Murray's role in inspiring the song:

"I met him one time. It was at a golf tournament. I got to play the Bill Murray invitational, a charity event. I was like 'Alright I gotta do something that will leave an impression on Bill Murray so he'll remember me.' So I went and copped this, like, six-thousand-dollar bottle of wine. I see Bill Murray walking and I was like 'Hey man, I just wanted to give you this' and just walked away."

Bill's reaction? "Holy shit!" Watch the conversation above and read our recent conversation with the Pittsburgh native here.

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