Wasiu Proclaims “This Ain’t Toronto”

Also, don't ask Wasiu if he "knows Drake."

Wasiu puts on for his city on his latest, "This Ain't Toronto." "This Ain't Toronto" serves as the third single released in support of Wasiu's forthcoming MTLiens EP, having been preceded by songs such as "Girl." The Canadian upstart has showcased a very respectable work ethic since bursting onto the scene early in the year, and this new song continues the rapper's current streak. Speaking to Noisey about his new track, Wasiu breaks down "This Ain't Toronto" as such:

"This Ain't Toronto" serves as what the setting and atmosphere is of the city of Montreal, its culture, and scene. It's a crowd filled with all different faces. What we all have in common is the French influences and that we participate in all of our backgrounds' cultures, like a melting pot."This Ain't Toronto" provides an introduction, overview, background, setting, atmosphere, and environment, the story of the life of an average Montrealer. All of that can be heard on this track.

Montreal definitely has a rapper to be proud of in the form of Wasiu.

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