The Genesis of Chance The Rapper & Lil B’s ‘Free (Based Freestyle Mixtape)’ Explained

Two chief facilitators give their accounts of the event.

Earlier this summer, Chance The Rapper and Lil B surprised many fans with the impromptu release of their collaborative freestyle mixtape, Free (Based Freestyle Mixtape). The creation of the project unfolded with as much spontaneity as its subsequent release, and the events which lead to the recording session have now been retold by the two main facilitators of the meet-up. Jeff Arenson and Aidan Sigel-Bruse, who work as engineers and producers for Closed Sessions label, are friends and both big fans of Lil B. After seeing him perform at the Pitchfork afterparty, Arenson decided to reach out to Lil B on a whim, asking if he would be willing to work together whenever he'd be in Chicago. The Based God was more than willing, and what happened afterwards can be read in Arenson and Sigel Bruse's interview with The FADER. The mixtape can also be heard in its entirety below.

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