Slim Jesus Confesses That He Doesn’t Live That Life

"I'm not out here catching bodies and sh*t, obviously, I'm f*cking smart."

VladTV caught up with the Internet's newest trap star, Slim Jesus, and had an in-depth conversation with the 18-year-old rapper. Vlad went for the questions that most people were wondering about most, like if the "Drill Time" rapper was really about the life that he raps about. Fortunately, Slim seemed to be very honest with his answers and claims he is not about that life. He shares:

"Street wise, I mean, for the most part on the street sh*t like I got homies that are in that sh*t and I know people who are and people around me. I mean, I'm not out here catching bodies and s*it, obviously, I'm f*cking smart."

Watch the 15-minute interview above.

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