Read Tyler, the Creator’s Review of Death Grips’ ‘The Money Store’

"That’s when I realized that Death Grips was my meth."

Not long ago, Tyler, the Creator launched his own print magazine called Golf, and the first issue includes a review for Death Grips' 2012 debut album The Money Store. Unlike a traditional review where the writer breaks down the album track-by-track, it's more of a letter of admiration to band members MC Ride and Zach Hill. Read the full review below, retrieved from Reddit.

Summer had just started. I’d decided to buy a trampoline for my room and some mini kayaks for my pool. I’m in my room about to set up the trampoline, and on a related video on YouTube, I read, Death Grips – Guillotine (Live). I’ve had people tell me about them and blah blah, and I never really gave them a chance. I click it. First 30 seconds, I’m like, ‘OK, f*ck, I’m getting bored.’ By 55 seconds, I am fully in. The skinny black guy on stage with the beard that kind of reminds you of one of those homeless people you see with a Starbucks cup … ended up being the coolest sh*t I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what it was, but for the next two hours, I sat there clicking every single video, link, article, website that had to do with MC Ride and Zach Hill. I put on the Exmilitary mixtape and Lionel and I put together a full trampoline in 17 minutes. That’s when I realized that Death Grips was my meth. I put that on and I can do anything and do it efficient as f*ck. With that being said, DO NOT LISTEN TO DEATH GRIPS WHILE DRIVING A FAST CAR WITH POWER MECHANICS BUTTON ON AND YOUR TIRE TRACTION OFF. Nico, Travis and I legit almost died because I decided to put on ‘Stockton’ and burn rubber at a red light, which resulted in my car spinning down at street at 60, 70 miles per hour at an intersection in Los Angeles around 2:45 on a school day. Not one scratch, no one hurt, not one car touched. I don’t know what it was, but it led me to believe that I had a grip on death (sorry, I had to say that).
Favorite Song: “Hustle Bones”

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