Watch a Fan Gift Kanye West Artwork of the Late Donda West With Her Granddaughter North

Tell Nori about me.

After attending music executive Steve Stoute's wedding in New York City, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian was stopped as they made their way back to their SoHo apartment entrance. A fan who had patiently waited outside, presented West with a heartwarming artwork. Created by Perspektiv (real name Andy Gonz), the work depicts Kanye's late mother Donda holding her granddaughter North. Kanye's strong bond with his late-mother has been well documented through the years, and his grief that she was not able to meet her granddaughter North was manifested on his single "Only One." West courteously accepted artwork, saying it was "dope" as he made his way into the building. Complex spoke with Gonz about the exchange, and his recollection of the event can be viewed here. An image of the artwork, as well as a video and photos of the interaction can be viewed below.

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